Pay only £12 for your first session.

We are taking new members from 

6th January 2024


If you are thinking of joining us then we guarantee to make you feel very welcome. 

You can turn up on the day (please refer to the term dates under this info tab) or telephone or email us using the 'Contact Us' page before hand.

Members can join any time during the first half of each term. The second half of the term focuses on the end of term show and we are unable to accept new members during this time.

On your first day...

☆ You only pay the day rate of £12 (if you decide to join us after your first day you pay for the rest of the term the following week)

☆ We will designate you a buddy your age to show you the ropes and introduce you to everyone!

☆ You will be involved in the workshops straight away and you can participate as much as you feel comfortable

☆ We ask that new members arrive with a parent or guardian at 9.45am to go through the small amount of paperwork with the Principal.

We understand that coming to us for the first time may feel a bit scary. All of the members you see there will of course have once been in your shoes so will know how you feel. Everyone at Stage School is supportive of each other no matter what their age or there is nothing to feel scared about because everyone will make you feel very welcome. 


Can I stay with my child on their first day?
We encourage parents/guardians to leave their child with us as we find they tend to settle in better, and having a parent/guardian there can sometimes restrict them getting involved. Unfortunately parents/guardians are not permitted to stay in the workshop base. There is however a foyer at Central Studio where you can wait if you want to, but we would always phone you if there was a problem. Even the most nervous of new starters settle in very quickly...even if when you leave them it doesn't seem like they will! 

Is there a uniform?
No. We have no set uniform, but ask that members are appropriately dressed in clothing and shoes they can move around in comfortably. 

My child is autistic, is there support available for children with additional needs?
The answer is yes! We have a number of children with us who are on the autistic spectrum or who have other additional needs. Basingstoke Stage School is proud to be fully inclusive to all. 

Do you have to audition to get into a show?
Any member in any of our groups that wants to be in the show is automatically in the show! We only audition for named parts in our main productions or free choice group pieces in our Revues, but there is a part for everyone somewhere. There is no audition required to be in the ensemble/chorus pieces of either our main productions or Revues. Click on 'Productions' on the menu bar to see how each of our shows work. 

Does my child have to participate in the shows in order to join Stage School?
Not if they do not want to, though we would always encourage them to try.  During rehearsal time, we have separate workshops available for members who are not able to participate in an upcoming show. 

Does it cost extra if my child does a show?
No! We do not charge a show fee for members to participate in any Stage School production. Members do however need to provide their own costume. 

Are there many boys at Stage School?
Although currently more than half of the school as a whole are girls, we do have plenty of boys that are part of Stage School too!

Do you need to have experience to join Stage School?
Absolutely not! We welcome people of all ages, all abilities and all experiences, whether you have never set foot on a stage or have been on one 100 times!   

Can my child try a session in both the senior group and Youth Theatre if they are the right age?
If your child is 13+ we would firstly get an idea of what type of performance and drama style they would like to do. We can offer an hour in each workshop to see which one best fits your child. The Youth Theatre is aimed at more advanced drama training and serious styles of acting, and occasionally looks at more challenging themes explored through drama.

Can you refund a session if my child cannot attend one week?
Our termly fees are non - refundable.